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2017 International Students Graduation Ceremony of SSPU
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June 25th,3:00Pm,2017 Graduation Ceremony for International Students was hold in the Meeting Room 205 of Academic Exchange Center.The ceremony was co-organized by Office of International Student Affairs,School of Economics and Management,Faculty of Letters and Science.The Secretary of Party committee,MR.Song Baoru presented at the ceremony.The Director of International Office-MS.Qiao Liqing,Dean of Students' Affairs Division-MR.Chang Qiaoyong, Dean of Security Department-MR.Huang Xiaofeng,Deputy director of Party Committee Office-MS.Fei Weihua,Vice Dean of Educational Administration Office-MS.Liu Huijuan,General Manager of  Rear-service Company-MS.Lu Min and Secretary of Party General Branch of School of Economics and Management-MR.Gu Xiankai,Director of Faculty of Letters and Science-MS.Zheng Peiyun,Vice-Dean of School of International Exchange School-MS.Sun Yan.The teachers of related institute and administrator,graduate student,international students of Shanghai Polytechnic University,International student parent representative all presented at the ceremony.The ceremony was taken charge of the Director of International Student Affairs and Dean of International Exchange School-MR.Meng Zhaoshang.

The Atmosphere of Graduation Ceremony was warmly.

MR.Meng Zhaoshang introduced about the degree granting situation and learning and living conditions about graduated international students of this year. There are totally 6 graduated international students of this year,from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Laos.All of this shows the momentum of international students education of Shanghai Polytechnic University.

MR.Meng Zhaoshang Hosted Graduation Ceremony

The valedictorian- Bay Syhapanya addressed first.He showed thanks to all the teacher’s four years’ teaching.And also appreciated the warmly care for international students from the Shanghai Polytechnic University for the four years.Also show the  loath emotion about leaving university’s life and university.He also exhorted juniors to cherish the four years’ life in Shanghai Polytechnic University,don’t waste youthfulness.

The Valedictorian- Bay Syhapanya Addressed

The representative of teachers-MS.Xu Li from School of Economics and Management retrospected the difficulty process for the students to change from youth to mature,from confusion to clarity,and finally got a great success in study.And also showed full confirmation appraisal to all the students efforts about overcoming difficulties on language barriers and cultural foundations to master the knowledge of <Western Economics>.She also congratulated to the graduated students about the complete graduation,and wish all the students can have a bright future.

The Representative of Teachers-MS.Xu Li Addressed

International student parent representative-MS.Xie Yanyan-mother of the graduated student- Hiroshi Fujimura from 2013 Japanese Majors showed thanks to teachers and Shanghai Polytechnic University.Thanks for all the efforts that the teachers and university did to culture the children from a ignorant and innocent child to today’s talented person.She also hope all the students don’t forget teachers,university and hardworking spirit Hope all the students can show the elegant appearance of Shanghai Polytechnic University in the future.

International Student Parent Representative-MS.Xie Yanyan Addressed

In the warm applause of the attenders, Secretary of Party committee,Mr.Song Baoru represented the Party Committee of Shanghai Polytechnic University and all the administration to address.In the speech,MR.Song Baoru showed his urgent feeling about coming back to China from the business trip one day ahead of time to say goodbye to all the graduated international students.He also showed warm congratulations to all the students about starting a new life,and also showed sincerely thanks to all the teachers and all the administration that provide high quality services for all the international students.He fully affirmed the efforts of the international students in the past four years to overcome the difficulties in life and study,highly praise graduates who are able to integrate into the school and grow with university together,and also adds a beautiful landscape for the campus.At last,MR.Song Baoru put forward three points in  sincere words and earnest wishes to all student graduates:It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people.Hope the students will not forget their initially heart on study, and try to  committed to disseminating Chinese culture and using their major skills in a good way;Try to strengthen your faith, make constant progress and make achievements in different professions and professions;Please to be brave to be a messenger between China and your country,pass on friendship, keep in touch with our Shanghai Polytechnic University, and tell your family and friends what you saw and heard in Shanghai,in China. Hope students will always remember the youth years they spent in Shanghai Polytechnic University.Today,you are proud to be the students of Shanghai Polytechnic University,believe Shanghai Polytechnic University can be proud of you in the future.

MR.Song Baoru Addressed

As the high tide of the graduation ceremony,MR.Song Baoru presented graduation certificates, diplomas and took photos with all the students.Other leaders presented graduation memorabilia to graduates.

MR.Song Baoru Presented Graduation Certificates and Diplomas

All the students returned souvenirs to the school with deep love emotion---A multi-function printer,hope all the juniors can study hard,print out their own beautiful life.

Graduates Give Souvenirs to University

In the graduation ceremony,Office of International Student Affairs commend for the sencond time about “Civilized Dormitory” of this semester.Dean of Security Department-MR.Huang Xiaofeng and Manager of  Rear-service Company-MS.Lu Min presented trophy and certificates to the awarded international students.

MR.Huang Xiaofeng and MS.Lu Min Presented Trophy and Certificates of “Civilized Dormitory” 

After the graduation ceremony,MR.Song Baoru had a cordial conversation with all the graduates and their parent. Try to get to know about the condition of employment and development plan for graduates.Encouraged the graduates to continue with their studies and play their due role in the construction and development of China and the motherland.

MR.Song Baoru Took Picture with International Students

In the Graduation Ceremony of Shanghai Polytechnic University in the morning,Aiziya Dyussembinova-the international student from Kazakhstan represented all the 2337 undergraduates to address. Bid farewell to Shanghai Polytechnic University with affectionate.All leaderships took pictures with international students. 

Aiziya Dyussembinova Addressed in the Graduation Ceremony

Since 2011, our school has officially carried out the education of international students. It has gone through 6 years since now.The scale of the international students developed from more than 20 students each year to more than 270 people now.The structure of international students extends from a single undergraduate to  graduate student,  language student, and exchange student.Countries have reached more than 20 countries around the five continents.Some of our students and graduates are still studying the degree of master in their own country and China.They are using the knowledge and ability that they learned from Shanghai Polytechnic University to serve all walks of life.Using their own efforts to contribute to the friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries, and will surely continue to contribute to accomplish the blueprint of “ Belt and Road Initiative ".

All Leaderships Took Pictures with International Students

   Office of International Student Affairs /School of International Exchange

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