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The first batch of European student come to SSPU to learn Chinese language and culture in 2018
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The first batch of European Students' Chinese Language and Culture Group Welcome Ceremony was held in Academic Exchange Center on February 27, 2018.This students' group is the first batch of international students group to enter SSPU in 2018.The student group consists of 26 students from Belgium, 1 from Spain and 1 from Chile.They will have two weeks of intensive Chinese and Chinese culture studies in SSPU and will attend two lectures about international business topics.In addition, they will attend the Lantern Festival Activities on March 2 and take the HSK Chinese proficiency test on May 19.Professor.Meng Zhaoshang( Dean of School of International Exchange,Director of Office of International Students Affairs),all the teachers ,foreign leader of the group and all the students attend the welcome ceremony.

Mr.Meng Zhaoshang first introduced the basic situation of SSPU and this program. He  warmly welcome the students come to SSPU ,and study in the most beautiful spring season on behalf of SSPU.At the same time,he recommended 3S program --Chinese Culinary Culture program of SSPU.After that, the students introduced themselves and said that it is a great opportunity come to Shanghai for study and internship, and they will cherish the happy time in Shanghai.

Due to the high evaluation and good feedback from the European student students in the past few years, the program can continue in 2018.The school will take this program as an opportunity to spread Chinese culture, promote Chinese civilization and continue to develop European markets that attract more international students come to SSPU to study.

School of International Exchange at Shanghai Polytechnic University

February 27, 2018

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