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Zimbabwe is my country it is located in the southern part of Africa with a lot of precious  natural features to admire . l answer to the name Concilia Ntemba and lm a lady aged twenty one years.My Chinese name is Qu. My home province is Midlands and l live in the city of kwekwe and partly Gweru. I like ball games.
I have passed my advanced level progress from Rio Tinto Zhombe High school in 2014 under the Arts department of which Sociology and Divinity were my major subjects . In 2010 l was elected as a junior member of parliament for Zhombe constituency and l became the child senator for Midlands province . ln 2011 l did course projects in business management under the Junior Achievement of Zimbabwe and l became the managing director for the team at my school . My knowledge of Arts and Economics as well as the growing importance of economics and industry incited me to choose International Business as my final field of study . l have still great thirst for education .therefore my aims are to do a bachelor degree that would polish my skills more and enable me to get learning accordingly . China has one of Asia`s most comprehensive quality education systems therefore SSPU can prepare me very well for my future occupation . Language barrier is the biggest problem at hand and l believe in two years l will be able to speak  in Chinese . My  favourite sayings are ‘if some can do it why can`t  l’.The second is ‘if you don’t work hard at school you will work hard in life.’
我在2014年从Rio Tinto Zhombe中学通过了艺术系的高级课程,其中社会学和神学是我的主修科目。2010年,我被选为Zhombe选区的议会下院议员,成为了米德兰省的青年参议员。2011年,我在津巴布韦的初级成就组织了企业管理课程项目,并成为了我校团队的总经理。我对艺术和经济学的了解以及经济和工业的日益重要性促使我选择了国际商务作为我的最后研究领域。我仍渴望得到更好的教育,因此我的目标是获得一个学士学位,以提高我的技能,使我能够获得相应的学习机会。中国是亚洲最全面的优质教育体系之一,因此SSPU可以为我未来的职业做好充分的准备。语言障碍是目前最大的问题,我相信两年后我就能说中文了。我最喜欢的第一句话是 “如果总有人能做到,那为什么不是我呢?”;第二句话是 “如果你在学校不努力学习,你的生活就会变得艰辛。”

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