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I am a phenomenal lady who go by the name Faith Lisa Nyamayedenga ¸  I was born on the 17th of May 1998 in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe and that is where I grew up with my family . The girl by the Chinese nameMeili  is focused , creative , trustworthy ,committed , a life-long learner and a person of integrity .  After passing my high school programs I felt a great thirst for more education thus I chose Shanghai Polytechnic University  for my bachelor’s program. I enjoy reading business novel hence I chose to do  International Business for  my tertiary education .I believe SSPU has the most comprehensive quality education systems and I believe this system helps to develop a critical mind and an independent approach in today’s knowledge based employment market . I am a lady who stands tall when life does everything to knock me down ‘’I don’t give up’’ . I have great passion of athletics and girls football . Growing up in an extended family made me believe in the power and beauty of team work and self confidence.

我是一个才华出众、能力优异的女生,名叫Faith Lisa Nyamayedenga。1998年5月17日出生在津巴布韦首都哈拉雷,这也是我和我的家人一起长大的地方。我的中文名字叫做梅莉,是一个在学习上专心致志、有创造力、愿意活到老学到老的,在事业上值得信赖,有献身精神的,在生活中为人正直的女生。高中毕业后,我非常渴望接受更多的教育,所以我选择了上海第二工业大学,攻读学士学位课程。我喜欢读商业小说,所以我选择了国际商务作为我主要的大学学习方向。我相信SSPU有最全面的优质教育体系,我相信这个体系有助于在当今知识型就业市场中培养批判精神和独立的方法。我是一个百折不挠,面对生活的艰苦不低头的坚强的女生。“我永不言弃”。我对体育运动和女子足球有极大的热情。成长在一个大家庭里,使我相信团队工作以及自信的力量。

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